RE: BMW E60 Youtube Video

When this video was released we never expected it to get as much attention as it has, the main reason for making it public was to highlight the importance of ‘driving to the conditons’ in poor weather, not to boast about ‘driving skills’. Contrary to some online comments, this is a well looked after vehicle and each of the tyres had 5-6mm of tread on each, there was also no cruise control in use at any time.

We have had many requests regarding the licensing of this video, this is discussed below.

In terms of licensing rights, Mercury Press have exclusive media rights to use the raw video in articles etc, they were also responsible for presenting this to mainstream media. If you are interested in licensing the video for use in articles / web content then you can arrange this with Mercury Media via email ( This would apply mainly for cases where you are trying to re-upload the video for your own purposes.

This video can however freely be linked to or embedded in it’s original form on youtube as has been done below.

Thank You watching the video.



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      The article has been updated with the relevant information:

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